If you would like more information on the group and membership we suggest  contact your State Coordinator who would be happy to discuss who we are and how we enjoy our gatherings. You can always come along to a rally first and see for yourself. Talk to one of our State Coordinators, Contact details here…

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Before you Join……

Please go to our Policy page and read our policy on pets at rallies and general liability at our events. You will be asked to agree and confirm your understanding of these during registration for membership.

To Join……

Requirements – You must be either a current or former member of the Ulysses Club Inc.

It is a requirement that you provide your membership No. for the Ulysses Club. If you don’t have this number then please contact the Ulysses Club by email prior to completing your application. If you can’t recall your No. then due to privacy requirements, only you can ask Natcom for this detail. Please contact them first to retrieve your Ulysses Club membership No., details below)…..

Ulysses Club – National Administration Office (Office Hours 8.30am to 4.30pm Mon-Fri)
Email: Administration

Other than your membership No. we require only your name and email address together with your suburb or town/state and postcode, (required only so we can pass your contact details to the relevant State Coordinator)

Fill in the details below to join the RV Group. We will add your details to the mailing list for newsletters and notifications.

There is no joining or ongoing cost of membership.

The form goes to the Membership Coordinator who will add your name to the membership list and forward your details to your State Coordinator.

(Please be aware that sometimes there may be some delay between submitting your application and being contacted. The Membership Coordinator or your State Coordinator, or both! may be travelling. Don’t worry about any delays, you are still welcome to attend a rally!)