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Next State Rallys...

All rallies are cancelled due to the current virus situation.













Kermit 46 Now available. Our latest newsletter. Download as a pdf and read now!


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About Us

This group is for Ulysses Club Inc members who own and use Caravans, Motorhomes, Campervans or Camper Trailers. It was started by Rick Bedford (Founder), to facilitate members of the Ulysses Club who have moved on to RV travel, or own and use an RV, to maintain the friendships and camaraderie formed through membership of the Ulysses Club. To join the RV Group you or your partner must be a member or previous member of the Ulysses Club Inc. As the site grows we will bring you the latest news and get together reports, plus any news we think is relevant to RV'ers concerning our lifestyle.This site is the property of the Ulysses Members RV Group, an independent entity to the Ulysses Club Inc., although we maintain strong links with the Ulysses Club.



Website Updates....Sunday 24th May

Membership Update Complete


Thankyou to all how took the time to update their details for the membership list.

We now have a 'clean' membership listing and I have been able to email the State Coordinators a list of all the State members so they can keep you up on the State events, when they return.

We still have around 50 members with details that were incorrect or insufficient who did not respond. So if you are one of these you will no longer receive emails from us.

We would welcome you to contact us or rejoin the group via the application form. There are no joining or on-going fees for membership.


Kermit Editor Wanted!

We are looking for a member who would be willing to take over the production of the newsletter produced 3 or 4 times a year as a pdf and made available for download from our website.

No experience necessary and your chance to show your creative flair and get to know our members in all states.

We can offer technical assistance in production if required.

Why not download a couple of back issues and see what is involved. Contact Ken, (initially by email) if you want more details or just a chat about what the job involves.

Important Notices

UlyssesRV Group & Covid-19

With the tightening of travel resrictions and closure of some State borders we have to advise that all rallies and events are currently cancelled or on hold till the situation improves.



I can be contacted at


Richard Flinders






To join the Ulysses Members RV Group, you simply need to be a member or previous member of the Ulysses Club Inc., or the spouse, partner or long term companion of a Ulysses Club Inc. member. Go to the Registration link and fill in your details then submit the form by clicking on the submit button. Once your registration request is received, your membership will be confirmed and you will receive an email in due course advising you of same


2020 AGM.

Mudgee is our next destination!

Bookings will not open until we are certain the AGM can be held.

The facility has allowed us until July to determine if we can hold the AGM so look out for more details in July. We will update all registered members by email of any decisions.

Drop back regulary for more information on the rally and events.

More details on the

AGM page